Opening hours: Tuesday/Saturday from 9.00 to 19.00

Inauguration of the Barber Museum

The last 8th of October 2017, after several months of designing and setting up the spaces, the 1st Barber   Museum of the capital was officially inaugurated.

A few steps from Piazza di Spagna, the Barber Museum has counted the presence of many Roman citizens and foreign tourists at the inauguration , very curious to see the many relics rich in history and tradition within the exhibition space.

Tools for blood-letting, antique razors, sharpeners, barber calendars, collections and many other tools that have fallen into disuse will allow visitors to retrace the centuries of the ancient world of barber in a magical and evocative place.

Several Italian and foreign barbers have joined the Barber Museum project to contribute to the local mission, enhancing this ancient trade.

During the presentation evening there were also some demonstrations of Italian shaving, a methodology recently rediscovered by many Italian barbers.

In the planning stage a series of cultural events, exhibitions and theme days to make the Barber Museum a real place of art and culture shared with everyone.

Where we Are

By Metro: Piazza di Spagna stop (Metro A) - By Car: Villa Borghese parking under the pedestrian subway to Piazza di Spagna and continue until Via Mario de Fiori, 114